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Reality is only a small part of what is really possible.


neXtlab is a research and development laboratory for the neXt generation of creators.

True artists are explorers. The adventurers who are willing to set out into the darkness without a map, discover new ground and expand the horizon.


We strive to hit all the important building blocks of the neXt you. From your chemical biology to your mental models and emotions, then let all these get activated under a new vision of you, fluid, vast, and intrinsically creative.

Let us hack your body and mind, optimising the expression of YOU.

A Tsunami is coming.

A massive tsunami of change, fueled by the technological advancements, is on it’s way. It will hit all of us, in every segment of the society. From jobs to education, communications to art, science to the basics of how we live our lives. It will also bring countless new opportunities and horizons to explore. Do you want to ride the biggest wave in the human history or be crushed by it?

Vision & Creativity

Do you wonder where the vision & creativity that result in the great works of art come from?


How to get in and stay in the hyperfoucused mode, in the now?


Do you worry about finding your place as an artist in an ever-faster changing world?


Do you want to discover the practical uses of the latest findings in the science and tech?


Do you feel that your mind and body are capable of much more than you can access right now?


How do you maintain the energy and drive to reach the pinnacle?

neXtlab sets out to find the best answers for you to these and many other questions.

Incorporating all areas of life simultaneously, instead of working with isolated methods and systems.